Where do you source your honey?
All of our honey comes from English apiaries via Leigh’s Bees Ltd (www.leighsbees.co.uk).

What is active honey?
Active honey is honey with a rich antioxidant profile and strong antimicrobial properties. It is widely believed to help support a healthy immune system and fend off colds and flus. More information can be found here.

How do I store my active honey?
Our active honeys are best stored below 15 degrees Celsius, away from temperature fluctuations and out of direct sunlight. With some honeys the natural separation of the moisture from the glucose molecules can increase the likelihood of fermentation, and refrigeration helps guard against this.

How long will the honey last?
Whilst we give a Best Before date (a legal requirement), honey has an impressive shelf life – it has been found, still edible, in Egyptian tombs.

Why does honey crystallise?
Since high quality, healing honey is a natural product, the levels of moisture, fructose, glucose and other nectar derived natural sugars will vary from batch to batch. Crystallisation is normal, and part of the natural process. It does not affect the quality or beneficial properties of the honey.

Where can I buy your active honey?
Currently the honey is only available via our online shop.